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Why we do it?

We’ve observed the landscape of dating apps. The usual process is to swipe, match, and then… silence. We envisioned a different approach. Our platform is a vibrant space where social events and activities take center stage. We believe in celebrating the single life and extending a warm welcome to everyone. Are you prepared to embrace a new way of connecting? Join us for a variety of social events and activities that put the ‘social’ back into dating.


Tolivi is a game-changer in the dating scene. Forget waiting for replies or crafting perfect ice-breakers. With Tolivi, you can dive into social events and activities, expanding your social network beyond the screen. Ready for a new social experience? Join Tolivi today and start your social revolution!

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The Livi Proof

April 2023

Can Online Dating Work?

We get it; online dating can seem a bit daunting and difficult to navigate at times. And it’s something that isn’t talked about ...

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April 2023

4 ways to Up your Dating Game

As time rolls by, and the world enters a new age of lifted pandemic re...

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April 2023

Isn’t it Romantic? 

Today there are countless sources of entertainment and media for us to...

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March 2023

Dating Dilemmas Your Parents Didn’t Have to Deal With

When it comes to the dating scene things change quite quickly. In fact...

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