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4 ways to Up your Dating Game

As time rolls by, and the world enters a new age of lifted pandemic restrictions, the opportunities to get out and make use of your dating app connections in real time have finally come into full effect. Although the progress may be slow, the chance to finally meet up with people is becoming a true fairy tale reality. And let me be the first to say, it is going to be a whirlwind of fun! 

If you are finding it slightly frightening to let go of your favourite grey sweats and exchange them for your trusty date night trousers then never fear, I have done extensive research and got the latest scoop on what you need to succeed in the world of dating.

  1. Self-Reflection Never Hurt Anyone 

As difficult as it may seem, taking time to reflect within and finding your weak points can really help you to up your dating game. A great way to look within is evaluating your behaviour, reactions, and actions in certain relationships and events. Looking back at the past is always a great way to learn from mistakes, and honestly, as fabulous as we all are, we all need a bit of learning from the past now and again. 

  1. Dating today is different, Appreciate it 

As much as we hate to admit it, this pandemic really took the world for a loop, leaving important things, such as the dating scene, completely different to what we are used to. However daunting, this is a change that can be embraced and viewed as beneficial. For example, dating now during a pandemic means there is more of an importance of finding emotional connections first (you know, since the physical connection has been subject to a 2-meter apart rule). 

This lends a hand to those of us who value finding a perfect match that is based on important connections followed by the physical. Learning to embrace this benefit can really lend a hand in your dating game, allowing you to first take your time with that emotional and mental connection through the screen, bringing it over to a successful date!  

  1. It’s time for ‘Out with the Old’ and ‘In with the New’ 

You may be thinking this is an age old saying that usually refers to spring cleaning your apartment, but in this case, we are talking people. 

We have all been there – stuck in the same cycle of matches, knowing the relationship is going nowhere, but in uncertain times like these it can be easy to rather hold onto something comfortable right? Wrong. This is a change and although we may be scared, but it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh and make those deep connections we are really deserving of. 

  1. Visualize your highest Self and Show up as Them 

Yes, I am sure you have all seen this quote circulating the social media sphere, but I can’t help it, it must be one of my favourites. There is nothing truer than the strength behind self-empowerment. You of all people are deserving of love and success in your dating life, and the only way that is going to come to fruition is first believing in yourself and understanding your value. Knowing your value and having the confidence to expect nothing less will aid you in your dating life, lending a hand to your dating choices and successes!